Company History

In 1983, CWD was established in Pottsgrove, PA. From day one there was no
job too small. With a growing and adaptable work force in today’s market, they are still proud to say the same. Now located in the Muncy area and serving all
of Central Pennsylvania the crew of CWD celebrated the 25th anniversary of
the company in 2008. Along with the talented crew of carpenters at CWD, they
enlist the assistance of talented sub-contractors to ensure that every portion
of your project meets the highest standards.

CWD is dedicated to growing their company, expanding their capabilities, and most importantly building lasting relationships with all of their clients. This same dedication and vision is shared with all of their employees, sub-contractors and suppliers that work together to successfully complete your project.

Mission Statement

CWD has been dedicated to their clients since 1983. Your new home, addition, remodel or office will be completed with the same craftsmanship, hard work and dedication that have served their clients for years. CWD will stand by their work and can ensure your satisfaction throughout construction and upon completion. Their team of professionals listens to customers and works with them throughout projects to maintain budget, ensure timely completion, and deliver a space to be enjoyed. CWD does not limit the number of meetings, phone calls, site visits, or choices for a project. CWD will offer professional references for design, material and sub-contractor needs.